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Information Technology is critical to every organization. Failures and breakdowns can decimate operational efficiency, the customer experience and, ultimately, your bottom line. That’s why SAITECH CORP invests significantly in developing the best processes to deliver our IT services—processes that ensure we consistently provide the accurate, timely and valuable business outcomes you expect.

Every service we provide is backed by defined, proven and repeatable solution methodologies that can scale in management scope and location—on site, off site, near shore or off shore.

Our quality commitment is also rooted in our solid understanding of the human factors involved in successful engagements since having the right people is just as important as having the best technology or the most innovative strategy.

The Edge that we bring

With proven solutions based on practical and real-world insight,our connections into the IT workforce provide us with a real-world pulse on what’s going on in IT, what’s working and who does IT best. We leverage our perspective to construct practical IT services that not only work in theory but where it matters most—in practice. Our methodologies are supported through formal quality management programs to ensure consistent governance, enable us to keep pace with emerging trends and integrate a continuous flow of lessons learned.

Our talent management expertise

Through hundreds of thousands of interactions and careful IT workforce research, we possess an unparalleled understanding of the IT professional. This insight forms a solid foundation for our full range of services. By helping our clients attract, develop and retain great IT people, we empower them to achieve their business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. Our investment into healthy IT talent management practices also fosters truly renewable capabilities within our client organizations. With teams of great people working together, our clients are more prepared to respond to the latest trends in IT.

A business partner for life for your IT needs

We are personally committed to what we do, finding meaning and purpose in our ability to help our clients and consultants achieve their goals. Whether we’re providing one IT professional to support a minor initiative or managing a full-scale IT program with a significant scope, budget and timeline, we operate as a genuine partner with our clients.

Throughout every engagement we lead and support, you can count on our personal commitment to work in your best interests and seek ways to add real business value. Relationships built on trust are everything to us—we will always do what we say we will and stand by our results.

Standing apart from the crowd

What differentiates us is our proven ability to plan and implement IT service solutions that work where it matters most—in practice. Through our massive client and consultant network, we have a real-world pulse on the latest IT trends. Based on our first-hand experience executing IT and business goals, we know what works, who is best suited to get IT jobs done and how to optimize the performance of IT teams. Our ability to deliver results shows in our annual satisfaction surveys— SAITECH CORP’s clients consistently rate us higher than our competition.

And making your vision happen

We meet you where you are and take you where you want to go—the way you want to get there. Our services can scale from staff augmentation to fully outsourced services, depending on the level of responsibility you want us to assume. Additionally, we can leverage our global delivery models to ensure cost-competitive solutions without sacrificing quality outcomes.

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