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1.1 Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management is a process of managing the life cycle of an application. It provides tool to manage the life cycle efficiently. In software development term it provides tool where one can track the development, keep the requirement of software organized and reduces communication gap between business analyst (who provides requirement), programmer analyst (who writes the program based on the requirement) and tester (who test the program for given requirement).

1.2  ErudiNova-Application Lifecycle Management

Saitech Corp wants to develop an Application Lifecycle Management product called ErudiNova.  Product details are covered in detail in next chapter. This product will provide efficient management of Agile methodology driven development. It will provide tracking of each requirement or business processes from starting to end. User will be able to track each requirement and there no change of missing requirement. It will provide unique feature which will allow user to link the requirement with each other if they are related. This will eliminate the duplication of requirement and will save cost, time and energy during the development.

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